We will add new colours to your world.


Every wall has individual surfaces properties requiring a specific paint. That is why paint manufacturers use systematically coordinated systems that have been developed for special applications.

This applies equally to both interior and exterior design. For example, concrete buildings require different coatings than half-timbered constructions or classic brick buildings.


We add new colours to your world. Smart colour design can create a positive ambience and can enhance any space with subtle gradations. Will always find the „right mix“ for you and provide you with professional colour advice and individual solutions. You get the same great service for all types of wallpaper as well. Depending on your wishes, we can create a decorative or a rustic effect. We work with standard types of wallpaper such as ingrain, textile and glass wallpaper as well as with thermal insulation wallpaper.


From planning surface preparation to the primer coat and final painting – we deliver all services on time and professionally from a single source. We can help you to enhance the comfortable atmosphere of your home which will also increase the value of your property.