Take advantage of tax benefits!

Good to know

If you live in a detached house, a rental or condominium and use it as a private household, construction work may entitle you to up to 1,200 EUR per year tax savings.


This applies to painting jobs, maintenance and modernisation, for space and facade design, including painting, wallpapering, the upgrading and remodelling of living space, bathrooms, attics and basements (for instance with floor coverings such as carpet, parquet or tiles), to painting and varnishing doors, windows, and heating units as well as for work on roofs, balconies, garages, fences. Thermal insulation, drywall, plastering, and expenses for maintenance (annual check of wood components and facades) also fall into this category.


With the help of tax advantages you can redesign your living space, give your home’s facade a new look or have new energy-saving thermal insulation installed. The prerequisite for obtaining this tax benefit is a contractor invoice that includes VAT. Labour costs must be cited separately in the invoice. Material costs or other goods supplied are not taken into account. The invoice amount must be transferred to the account of the painting company. Verification from the bank either as a transfer statement or bank statement is required.


The tax benefit may not exceed 20 percent of 6,000 EUR labour costs for maintenance, modernisation or renovation services. That amounts to 1,200 EUR per year per household.


Painting (labour costs only) 4,700.00 €
19% VAT 893.00 €
Deductible costs 5593.00 €
Tax reduction 20% 1118.60 €
Directly deducted from tax liability: 1118,60 €


Additional tax benefit

You are entitled to another tax benefit if you have used a painting company for cleaning work or moving services in household-related services and a separate invoice has been issued.


No tax benefit

You are not entitled to a tax benefit if the expenses are claimed as business expenses, advertising costs, exceptional costs or special expenses.